My editing approach is to help you hone your craft in order to highlight the intention behind your work. I want to help your work shine. As a published poet and writer myself, I understand the time and effort put into creating. My role as your editor is to listen carefully to your voice, and help you establish the best way to fully and faithfully express it.


In addition to my years of experience in writing and personal editing, I have both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. My editorial skills come from both a creative and academic background. 


If you are interested in hiring me for professional editing services, please contact me via email at


I offer editing for:

    - Poetry (single poems, groups of poems, chapbook length manuscripts, and full-length manuscripts)

    - Short Fiction (single short stories or flash fiction)

    - Academic Papers

    - Reviews and Grant Proposals

    - Various other small jobs (such as press releases, bios, artist statements, etc)

Services Offered:

    - Manuscript Assessment

    - Substantive Edits

    - Stylistic/Line Edits

    - Proofreading


I do not offer editing for novels or copy edits at this time.

Please get in touch with me for information regarding my rates and availability. I look forward to working with you!


"Conyer is an intuitive editor who pays attention to the spirit of the poems she works on. Her edits, while rooted in a knowledge of the English arts, pay attention to the individual voice. Spaces, line breaks, and punctuation are as important to her as the words that they frame, and for a poet looking for feedback, this aspect is critical. I’d work with Conyer again in a heartbeat. After all, the last poem of mine that Conyer helped edit went on to win 2020 POWER OF THE POETS!"

              -Ellen Chang-Richardson, Author of Unlucky Fours (Anstruther Press)

"Conyer edited my poetry chapbook, and what an encouraging and helpful experience it was. I was reticent to share this particular project with anyone, as the work was very personal to me and explored sensitive topics. My experience with her as an editor was that she was able to pinpoint my intention with the work, celebrate the parts that hit the mark, and provide sage advice on the parts that required paring back and honing. She suggested structural changes in the project that made perfect sense. She has an acute attunement to pacing and emotional build-up. It wasn’t until after having this chapbook edited by Conyer that I felt comfortable sharing or submitting it. Entrusting my work with Conyer not only made me feel more confident in my writing—her advice will help me shape my work in the future."

              -Margo LaPierre, Author of Washing Off the Racoon Eyes (Guernica Editions)


"Conyer is one of those people who has a keen eye for the poetic quality of a line, whether it's directness, rhythm, clarity or assonance. As an editor, she always gently identifies what is or isn't working in a poem."

              -Chris Johnson, Managing Editor of ARC Poetry Magazine, and author of Gravenhurst (above/ground press)

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