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Editing, Consultation, and Workshops

My role as your editor is to listen carefully to the voice, experience, and intent behind your work and help you fully and artfully express it. From own experience as a multi-genre writer and poet, I understand the work an author puts into their writing. My goal is to work together to bring your project to its fullest potential, while also honouring your lived experiences. I draw from my considerable involvement with magazines and journals to help your work stand out as you seek the right home for it.


My background: 

I have extensive editorial experience with many genres and styles of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry—I have worked with both publishers and freelance clients, as well as a number of magazines and journals. I am currently a Senior Editor for Augur and the Non-fiction Editor for untethered magazine, and have guest edited for several magazines, including CV2's Versus Narrative: The Addiction Issue and Room Magazine's UTOPIA Issue. I have a MA and BA in English and Creative Writing; my editorial approach comes from both an artistic and academic background.

My services:

I offer a range of editorial packages, including developmental, stylistic, and line editing for:

- Poetry (full length manuscripts, chapbooks, and groups of poems)

- Novels and Novellas

- Short Fiction (full length collections and single short stories)

- Literary Non-fiction (essay collections, memoirs, and hybrid works, as well as single essays or articles)

- Grants

- Academic Work

- Various other small jobs (such as reviews, press releases, bios, articles, artist statements, etc)

- Sensitivity Reading (2SLGBTQIA+ lives and topics, disability related topics, addiction/substance use, abortion, gender-based violence)

I also offer grant consultation services. I have written and attained successful grants at the national, provincial, and local level, and have been an assessor/jury member at the provincial and local level.

In mentorship sessions, I offer grounded advice rooted in my experience from various vantage points in the publishing and literary world: as a writer and editor, but also as a bookseller and in promotions and communications work with literary festivals and magazines. 

I teach through Poetry in Voice as well as independently, offering workshops to a range of ages and levels. I have facilitated workshops on a variety of subjects, including disability poetics and speculative poetry, and would love to design a workshop for your organization.

Please get in touch for my rates and availability. You can contact me through the form below, or send me an email: conyer.clayton[at]


I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for reaching out!


"Conyer’s cultivated intuition as a poet allows her, as an editor, not only to offer thoughtful word-choice and enjambment suggestions, but to identify, lift, and reintegrate structures implicit to poems, which is a rare gift. Her accompanying acumen and professionally prompt communication compel me to trust Conyer as part of the editorial mycelia through which I am fortunate to circulate poems, and to wholeheartedly encourage you to involve Conyer in your editing process."

—Kevin Andrew Heslop, Author of the correct fury of your why is a mountain (Gordon Hill Press, 2021)

"Conyer was a delight to work with as an editor on my creative non-fiction. I greatly appreciated the care, intentionality, and attention-to-detail that they brought to the somewhat sensitive and personal subject matter. Her suggestions pinpointed moments where clarity or impact could be heightened in the text without losing its voice, and they were warm, welcoming, and easy to communicate with throughout the process. Thank you, Conyer!"

—Kate Hargreaves, Author of Tend (Book*hug, 2022)


"Conyer's thoughtful, encouraging, questions-based approach to editing helped me dig right down to the heart of what I was trying to convey in my manuscript. Her commitment to praising and celebrating what already shines in your work is a real confidence-booster, and she contextualizes her recommendations in such a way that you get a gift beyond the editing itself: a glimpse of how your writing lands in a head that's not yours. I'm so glad we got to work together!"

—Sienna Tristen, Author of Hortis Animarum (Frog Hollow Press)

“Conyer is an intuitive editor who pays attention to the soul of the poems and manuscripts she edits. Her editorial style, rooted in a true knowledge of the English arts, pays attention to the individual voice and helps to shape that voice in the context of contemporary poetic practices. Space, enjambment, punctuation and conceptual through-lines are as important to Conyer as the words that frame them; and for a poet looking for developmental feedback, these aspects are critical. I’d work with Conyer again in a heartbeat.”

Ellen Chang-Richardson, Author of Blood/Belies (forthcoming with Wolsak and Wynn, 2024)

"Conyer edited my poetry chapbook, and what an encouraging and helpful experience it was. I was reticent to share this particular project with anyone, as the work was very personal to me and explored sensitive topics. My experience with her as an editor was that she was able to pinpoint my intention with the work, celebrate the parts that hit the mark, and provide sage advice on the parts that required paring back and honing. She suggested structural changes in the project that made perfect sense. She has an acute attunement to pacing and emotional build-up. It wasn’t until after having this chapbook edited by Conyer that I felt comfortable sharing or submitting it. Entrusting my work with Conyer not only made me feel more confident in my writing—her advice will help me shape my work in the future."

Margo LaPierre, Author of Washing Off the Racoon Eyes (Guernica Editions)

"Working with Conyer has been a transformative to my writing practice and for that I am grateful. Conyer immediately understood the through line in my first collection of poetry and helped to craft a beautiful and thoughtful introduction. Her careful, considered, and delicate line edits cut the cliches while adding ambiguity and open-endedness. Conyer’s writing and editing is filled with insight, humour, and generosity. I read recently that "if writing is a form of prayer then editing is how miracles happen." If this is true, then Conyer is a very talented miracle worker indeed. You must hire her for your next project; I certainly will."

Jay Heins, Author of book of hours: an illustrated manuscript (Numen Publishing) 

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