We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite, released May 2020 with Guernica Editions.

Purchase available from Guernica EditionsIndigo, Barnes and Noble, or your local bookseller, and audiobook  available on Audible and Apple Books!

In her debut collection of poetry, Conyer Clayton hovers in the ether, grasping wildly for a fleeting sense of certitude. Through experiences with addiction and co-dependence, sex and art, nature and death, she grapples for transcendence while exploring what it means to disengage. What is revealed when you allow yourself to truly feel? What do you ask for to carry you into life, and where do you land when this fails? And when you are finally, beautifully, emptied out, who are you? The poems in We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite wonder aloud amidst tangled revelations, and yearn to be lifted away.




the debut collection by the creative collective VII

Available for pre-order here with Collusion Books

"Sprawl | the time it took us to forget" is a collaborative chapbook written by myself and Manahil Bandukwala over email in a few weeks in March 2020, published by Collusion Books in December 2020. Copies can be purchased on the Collusion books website. 

in January 2021, we released a visual/sonic version of the chapbook, made in collaboration with Nathanael Larochette, Liam Burke, Andy Verboom, and Ruqaiya Quettawala. The audio and music can be found on my bandcamp, and the video can be seen on youtube.

This chapbook is one long poem, consisting of poems written alternately by myself and Manahil, in which we echo one another's lines, images, and feeling. This is a document of the isolation, longing, anxiety, and loneliness that permeated the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. It is a chapbook of friendship and dreaming.

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Trust Only the Beasts in the Water was released in June 2019 by above/ground press. Cover art by Kelsea Shore.

This a chapbook of surrealist prose poems inspired by my dreams. About the thinness of the lines we draw between our waking reality and our unconscious. This collection uses the power of the seemingly random symbols generated in our sleep to highlight what lurks in the edges of our awareness. What dangers won't we allow ourselves to fully look at when our eyes our open? This collection stares the beasts down. It comes to love them.

Available for order here!


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/ is a micro-chapbook released by post ghost press in June 2019.

From the publisher: "This dream of a poem helplessly interrogates the insolvency of dreams and the violence of gaslighting. How does memory fade or cajole the viewer? How do we remake our pasts, our histories, our dreams?

This microchap measures approximately 2.5" across and 4" high. It is folded in two layers: the base text, and a concealing layer of translucent vellum paper, which resists the gaze of the viewer and must be pressed in order for the poem to be read."

Available for order here via post ghost

Mitosis was released by In/Words Magazine and Press in August 2018.

Edited, designed, illustrated and produced by Manahil Bandukwala

This is one long poem in 5 sections. It is about a sense of severed self. Themes of family trauma, domestic violence, mental illness, and healing weave into the murky waters of death and grieving. This collection sits stagnant in the pond, is tossed about in waves, and eventually, evaporates, becomes cloud. It was released alongside its sister project, the collaborative album, If the river stood still, with Nathanael Larochette.

Contact me directly to purchase a copy

Undergrowth was first released by bird, buried press in June 2018, in a limited print run of 50 copies. It is now sold out.


This collection is now available as an audiobook on bandcamp and e-book, both available for free download.

Undergrowth consists of 16 prose poems, using the guise of seed packets and botany to explore gendered violence, domestic disturbance, and self-realization.

Written and recorded by Conyer Clayton
E-book designed by Conyer Clayton
Edited by Justin Million
Original Chapbook and Cover Design by Elisha Rubacha
Artwork by Kelsea Shore

For the Birds. For the Humans. was released February 2018 by battleaxe press. 

Cover art by Komi Olaf

This is a collection about wilderness and control, in the world, in ourselves, in our relationships, and through history and species. These 13 poems are a very loose crown of sonnets, deconstructed to follow an organic, rather than rational, logic.

This chapbook is sold out and out of print.

Reviewed by Today's Book of Poetry

The Marshes was published by & Co Collective in November 2017.

Cover art by Cori Hills

This is a collection of 30 surrealist micro-poems. A study of the magical minutae of every day life. The glittering moments that are important for reasons that cannot be explained. The hyper-real.

Contact me directly to purchase a copy.


Forthcoming: 1 poem CV 2,  1 poem in Savant-Garde Magazine, 2 poems in The Quarantine Review

THIS Magazine, 55th anniversary issue, Spring 2021: "Pistil Pumping"


CAROUSEL, Issue 44, December 2020: Plumage 

Decameron Series, Cycle 3, November 2020: 1 essay, 1 flash fiction, 1 poem

Blue House Journal, Issue 3, November 2020: The Annual Visit

Freefall Magazine, Volume XXX, No. 2: "Stubborn Fucks" and "Press 0 to Speak Directly to God"

Non Plus Lit, Issue 2, October 2020: Google Doc of Death

Room Magazine, Issue 43.3, Fall 2020: talk about it

The Minola Review, Issue 27, Fall 2020: You never touched me in public

deathcap, issue 1 (by Coven Editions), September 2020: 2 prose pieces


Mineral Lit Mag, Issue 4, Summer 2020: 2 poems

The Temz Review, Issue, 12, Summer 2020: Excerpt from Sprawl 

Capilano Review, Summer 2020, Co-Winner of 2019 Robin Blaser Poetry Prize: 3 poems

periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics, June 2020: 3 poems

long con magazine, Issue 3: What's so blank about it? (Nominated for a 2020 Pushcart Prize)

Red Alder Review: from Tenement, VI. Purified (Filter me, baby) both textual and video reading

Collusion Books Isolation Anthology, Is it less lonely like this: 2 poems ("Towers", written in collaboration with VII and "the weight of cleanliness" written in collaboration with emilie kneifel

Cypress Poetry Journal, April 2020: Resistance and Territorial


The Anti-Langourous Project, No.6, Feb. 2020: Wilt and Footprints

Parentheses Journal, Issue 8, Winter 2020: Only for so long

filling Station Issue 73, Creative non-fiction piece: "I cannot write this softly" - nominated for an Alberta Magazine Publishers Award for essay writing

AppleBeard Editions Release Any Words Stuck Inside of You II anthology, December 2019: "Old Bird Feeder Jane," and "Memories of Waxen Men"

Black Bough Poetry, Winter Holiday Issue, December 2019: Holidays are just small wakes that

BAD DOG MAG, Issue 3, December 2019: Excavation

Glass Poetry Press's Poets Resist Series, December 2019: Those who need to here this won't listen

League of Canadian Poets, Poetry Pause Program: What You Actually Lost

Issue 12 of Experiment-O, November 2019: 8 Poems 

The Temz Review, Issue 9, Fall 2019: Spider Veins and Admitted


Talking about Strawberries, Spring 2019: Who I am when I dream and Setting and Alarm 

Spotlight Series #37 on Medium, May 2019: Caricature

The Harbor Review, Special Abortion Issue, May 2019: Seeds

The Cafe Review, Spring 2019: 5 poems

Dusie Tuesday poem blog by rob mclennan, March 2019: Irrigation Techniques


TRAIN blog, March 2019: Queue


Anti-Heroin Chic, February 2019 Featured Poet: Early to Bed and Replacement Therapy

Big Smoke Poetry: One year into dating you

Coven Editions, broadsides,: "the sky has to cool at some point," "Wooden Jackets," and "The light in her bedroom is different because it exists at all"

Arc Issue 85, Summer 2018: "Seeds" - Winner of 2017 Diana Brebner Prize

Prairie Fire Summer 2018: "What you actually lost" - 3rd place in 2018 Carmen Bliss Poetry Contest

Illiterature. Issue 8. Puddles of Sky Press, Summer 2018: "from Mitosis"


The Fiddlehead Spring 2018: "Recurrent" - Honourable mention in 2018 Ralph Gustafson Poetry Contest 

The Week Shall Inherit the Verse, February blog post: Paying for Storage

Puddles of Sky Press, Postcard Series #1, February 2018: "Cloud Cover"


The Maynard Fall 2017: The malice in my footsteps


Prairie Fire Fall 2017: “Home”


Transom, Issue #11, 2017: Shellac


filling Station Issue 73, Creative non-fiction piece: "I cannot write this softly" nominated for an Alberta Magazine Publishers Award for essay writing

What's so blank about it? from long con issue 3 nominated for a 2020 Pushcart Prize

2 poems, "Press 0 to speak directly to God" and "Stubborn Fucks," short-listed in Freefall Magazine's 2020 Poetry Contest


Winner, along with Bardia Sinaee, of The Capilano Review's 2019 Robin Blaser Poetry Prize

2 poems, "Bumpers" and "Perrenial", long-listed for The New Quarterly's 2019 Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest

"Southern Belle" long-listed for Vallum's 2018 Poem of the Year

Honourable mention in The Fiddlehead's 27th Annual Literary Contest - Ralph Gustafson Prize for Best Poem - "Recurrent"


3rd place in 2017 Prairie Fire Poetry Contest for "What you actually lost"


ARC Magazine's 2017 Diana Brebner Winner for “Seeds”

Winner of Sawdust Reading Series April 2017 Poem-off; chosen by Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke


5th place award in Spring 2017 Causeway Lit contest for “September”


1st place in graduate poetry for the poem “Vegetables” in the 2013 Metroversity Creative Writing Competition


2nd place in graduate poetry for the poem, “Bone-Bed” in the 2012 Metroversity Creative Writing Competition


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