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"A sober thought"Feature Article in Nov/Dec 2023 Issue of This Magazine (appearing online and in print)

"Symbols, Portals, and Dreamscapes: How Surrealism Helped Me Write My Second Book" - an essay for The Nourishing Word Blog, February 2023


filling Station Issue 73, Creative non-fiction: "I cannot write this softly" - finalist for a 2021 Alberta Magazine Award for Best Essay

"Something sharp I want to make soft": a hybrid poem/essay on talking poetics

"Angels and Elephants: On Enjambment": a micro-essay for Arc Poetry Magazine's November 2020 Newsletter

deathcap, Issue 1, 2020: "Fawn" - hybrid essay


Forthcoming - The Garden, The Ex-Puritan, Fall 2024


The Temz Review, Issue 27, June 2024: "Your Whole Life, Swinging," a cosmic horror flash fiction


Forthcoming - League of Canadian Poetry, Chapbook Anthology for Trans, Two-Spirit, and Nonbinary Poets, Summer 2024: "Everyone's a loser"


Plenitude Magazine, November 2023: "Low Maintenance"


Arc Poetry Magazine's Disability Desirability Issue 102, Fall 2023: "if all else fails I'll play"


Vallum 20:2 | Endings and Beginnings, Fall 2023: "before and after"

CV2's Animal Issue, Spring 2023, Vol. 45, No. 4: 3 poems written with Manahil Bandukwala

Best Canadian Poetry 2023: "Pistil Pumping" - First published in THIS Magazine

Canthius, Issue 10, Summer 2022: "In the box of jewellery we went through when my mother died"

Pinhole Poetry, July 2022, Issue 2: "Restful as a hornet"

ALOCASIA, June 2022: "today I put my hands into dirt, and it was warm" and "I always hope it's a turkey"

Watch Your Head, June 2022: "Perseverance" and "ripple"


CV2's Sick Poetics Issue, 2022: "I don't know how it's possible" and "Those visible capillaries are a sign your sign is no longer yours"

carte blanche, Issue 42, Disability Themed Issue, December 2021: "Chaudiére Falls" and "Smol Bird"


untethered magazine, 2021: "Once a week for eternity"


Augur Magazine, Fall 2021: "Exposure" 

CV2, Fall 2021: "Close your eyes so you can see"

The Quarantine Review, Issue 8, Summer 2021: "Fall" and "Grieving, Year 10"

Savant-Garde, Issue 5, Winter 2021: "The Break"

THIS Magazine, 55th anniversary issue, Spring 2021: "Pistil Pumping"


CAROUSEL, Issue 44, December 2020: "Plumage" 

Blue House Journal, Issue 3, November 2020: "The Annual Visit"

Non Plus Lit, Issue 2, October 2020: "Google Doc of Death"

Room Magazine, Issue 43.3, Fall 2020: "talk about it"

The Minola Review, Issue 27, Fall 2020: "You never touched me in public"


Capilano Review, Summer 2020, Co-Winner of 2019 Robin Blaser Poetry Prize: 3 poems

long con magazine, Issue 3: "What's so blank about it?" (Nominated for a 2020 Pushcart Prize)

Parentheses Journal, Issue 8, Winter 2020: "Only for so long"

Glass Poetry Press's Poets Resist Series, December 2019: "Those who need to here this won't listen"

League of Canadian Poets, Poetry Pause Program: "What You Actually Lost"


TRAIN blog, March 2019: "Queue"

Arc Poetry Magazine, Issue 85, Summer 2018: "Seeds" - Winner of 2017 Diana Brebner Prize

Prairie Fire, Summer 2018: "What you actually lost" - 3rd place in 2018 Carmen Bliss Poetry Contest


The Fiddlehead, Spring 2018: "Recurrent" - Honourable mention in 2018 Ralph Gustafson Poetry Contest 


The Maynard, Fall 2017: "The malice in my footsteps"


Prairie Fire, Fall 2017: “Home”

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